Monday, November 22, 2010

My final projects for ceramics class

The Cookie Jar behind the mask!
Well, I have to tell you, I've never received a comment that one of my faces looked like a corporate "fat cat" before! I guess that will go down in the book as my weirdest so far. Anyway, I ended up changing the face anyway, not sure if it's still a businessman or not anymore... My other piece to that project, a chimp, was supposed to wear the fat cat as a mask and peek out from it, sort of a statement that behind every happy man lies an ape. But the mask didn't fit on the chimp, and ended up going from a bust to a cookie jar, per the requests of my children. They like him, and so he will not end up as so much yard art like so many of my other sculptures have. The reworked face is shortly destined to become a Welcome sign, the face surrounded by leaves and flowers. Somewhat of a suitable ending to that corporate entity, eh? They are both far from being completed, but it takes several weeks to finish a piece, and class ends in 3 weeks, so we have to start the final project now. Below are photos of the before and after for the mask, and my newly completed cookie house. While you don't have to comment if you don't want to~~~ I don't know how anyone feels about my work most of the time, but if you do comment I love those honest reviews!

The "Before"- Fat Cat
The After, destined to become a Welcome Sign

Happy Holidays to all!


stag said...

Awww. Now he looks like Mr. Pickwick. What a cute guy!!!!

And your chimp, well, what can I say. M.J. would be in heaven!

stag said...

Which, come to think of it....

Pacific College Mom said...

Thanks! If you saw what has become of Mr. Pickwick, you would laugh. Come to think of it, I might have to post it for you SO you can laugh.

Just don't have too much fun without me, OK! wink

Xan Blackburn said...

He does look a bit like Pickwick! :D

I love the concept of the chimp behind the man-mask. That would be an interesting piece to bring to fruition! Maybe the paper mache would be good for that: lighter, less breakable, so easier to interact with?

(I followed you here from Jonni's PM blog, by the way.)

Pacific College Mom said...

Thanks for the nice compliments! I remember your name from Jonni's site, it isn't every day someone named Xan posts! Please come by and look all you like, and post often. I like the feedback.