Thursday, March 3, 2011

Work in progress, part 2

My version of the dreaded Torso!

With the metal dividers for the mold in place.

Encased in plaster

Oh, man, it cracked and broke!

Triage in the Icy depths of the garage. She doesn't look half bad after major surgery.

My daughter, the surgeon, I'm so proud!

So far on this project I've spent 2 days re-creating a torso to use for a mold we are creating in class. She is a replica of a 19th century sculpture, a famous one, although I can't seem to recall the artist. To be honest, I hate this torso. For the last 3 years it has continued to be a subject for class assignments, everything from drawing to sculpting, and now a mold. I guess I should be grateful that there aren't more models to buy for this class, because they are ridiculously expensive. At any rate, she isn't the most attractive form, rather misshapen if you ask me, but there she is again. Thought you might (or might not!) like to see progress on the mold. This thing is built from scratch of layers of plaster and burlap. It took hours to build in my cold garage, flinging plaster everywhere, flinging curses everywhere as well... The finished mold didn't come out all the way, and one of the underarms collapsed as I took the mold off the clay form, much to my disgust and dismay! However, with the kind assistance of my daughter, we did a late night triage' in the garage, and repaired the breaks as well as we could. She will suffice for the project at hand, and if the mold doesn't turn out, I will chock it up to another lesson learned the hardest way possible. I thrive on screwing up challenges!
I will keep you posted.

Yeah, like anyone actually reads this...

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